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Afternoon out with Miki and Takashi

Plane Boy will eat anything.

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What a fantastic afternoon we just had with Miki and Takashi! After a leisurely wander through the luxurious food section of Tokyu department store on our own this morning, we decided to be a bit Aussie and give the old Golden Arches a go. Maccadonaldos wa chotto! :( We had to eat there once, just to see what it was like, and now have no urge to eat there again for some time. Boring!

Miki (who stayed with Plane Boy's family on student exchange some years ago) met us at 2pm and took us via train to Ueno district for some fabulous market shopping. People, food and bargains everywhere! Didn't actually buy much but are very happy with the few items we did purchase - better than Chatachak!

Then we had a beer or two in the tiny basement of a coffee bar - tres chic. More wandering led us to the famous 'youth district' (damn, forgotten its name!) where trendy young things in bizarre clothing wander about looking oh-so-hip. Nerdia was very tempted to buy some bizarre clothing (when in Rome, wear a toga) but resisted. All resistance was left at the door of the 100 yen shop, however, and much retail therapy was undertaken.

The next stop was Kiddie Land. Five storeys of kitsch toys - nerd paradise. Nerdia was enraptured by the plastic dissectible animals and handheld digital microscope (always thinking of work?!) but decided to let it go, while Plane Boy's attention was diverted by the glow-in-the-dark desktop ball run and laser-guided wall-climbing racing car. No Invader Zim merchandise though.

By now Miki's boyfriend Takashi was waiting for us at the local sushi bar. This was loads of fun, shouting our orders in Japanese to the sushi chef in the middle of the tiny restaurant while sample plates with prices tootled past on the conveyor belt (they are made to order so they stay fresh). There was an English menu, plus cute little pictures on the green tea mugs, but no spoken English. Plane Boy impressed all and sundry by tackling - nay, enjoying - the very two dishes Takashi said Westerners never like: sea urchin and the dreaded natto (fermented bean curd). Plus he ate some horsemeat for good measure.

We talked and talked until we realised the time and got out before they kicked us out. Now we're off to sleep off the big day and plan for tomorrow. Laurie and Trevor will be delighted to hear that Miki and Takashi want to visit us all in Perth soon, probably during next year's AFL season so Takashi can see a new sport and Miki can see Mum yelling bad words at umpires!

Sayonara from Tokyo,
Nerdia and Plane Boy.

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Sato san’s Tour of Tokyo

Grape Fanta is Evil

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Never, ever drink grape Fanta. It tastes like bubble gum in a can. Seriously.
Now that our public service announcement is out of the way, we can tell you about our day tour of Tokyo with Sato san on the Hato bus. Very informative, when we could hear over the Americans chattering in the back seats.
Laurie and Trevor: we found our way there and back just fine, the train system is really easy. :)

There's a surprising amount of greenery in Tokyo, we weren't expecting so many trees and parks. The shrines were more interesting than on some tours we've done elsewhere, and the ruins of Edo Castle were quite spectacular. Roy would love the trees manicured to look like giant bonsai!
We can now say we've been to New York, Paris and San Francisco... or replicas of their famous landmarks, anyway. Later on I'll try to upload a photo of them all in one shot.
Lunch was included - a weirdly European affair in a restaurant with panoramic views of the harbour, which we then enjoyed further on the top deck of a miniature cruise liner. As it's on the final approach to Narita airport, Plane Boy also got to see a lot of aircraft. A lot.

Plane Boy wants to buy miniature Hato bus 'fridge magnets. Very cute.
Now we're off to find a place for dinner before exploring the city by night.

Oyasumi nasai!
Nerdia and Plane Boy

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Safe and sound.

Japan is a very cool place,

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Well, we made it. Two great flights from Perth, the A380 being Planeboy`s favourite. Clearing Narita Airport was very easy. We walked straight out of the arrivals hall to the Airport limousine bus counter and paid for our tickets to Shibuya.

After the bus company staff bowed to our bus as it left we were off. From the relatively rural setting of Kansai it was off down the expressway to Shibuya. What a fantastic place it is. We got a little lost getting off the bus but a nice guy walked us to the hotel. As we couldn`t check in until 3:00pm we dropped our bags off and went for an explore. A nice Japanese lunch and a couple of Kirins gave us the energy for a wander. So many shops and so many shall we say, interesting looking people. After an iced coffee in the coffee shop opposite the hotel we checked in and had a much needed and enjoyed shower.

We have a full day tour of Tokyo tomorrow so that should make for a fun day.


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Hmm, checking a travel blog before we even leave home...

...that's a bit nerdy of you, isn't it? Still, as we too are nerds, that suits us perfectly.

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Well, we're both now officially on holidays. Hurrah! Our travelling monikers shall henceforth be Nerdia and Plane Boy, because I set up the blog and thus get to pick the names. So there.
Tune in again later, once we've actually started moving! Nerdia.

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